Life Between Life Regression

Life Between Life Regression (LBL) is an extension of Past Life Regression and explores the spirit world where you spend time between lives on earth.

This is a very profound experience during which you will meet your spirit guide and obtain a much deeper understanding of your life purpose and the lessons that you are currently learning. LBL is based on hypnosis and you will be guided, most likely, to your most recent past life. We will then move through your death in that lifetime and on to the spirit world.

There you will learn what life in the spirit world is like, meet your soul group, and may reunite with loved ones who are no longer living on earth. You will have an opportunity to explore other past lives you have led in order to detect patterns and gain a better understanding of your current life lessons and relationships.

Also, you may gain a greater understanding of the spiritual development you are currently undergoing. We will then explore the preplanning for your current life, including the selection of your parents, siblings and significant events you may have planned to experience. You will have an opportunity to ask questions either about your own personal life or of a broader spiritual nature.

An LBL session may be scheduled after you have experienced a past life regression. The LBL session will take approximately three to five hours and you should not plan to do anything else that day.

You may wish to read one or more of the books written by Dr. Michael Newton before you schedule your session. I recommend Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. I received my training from and am a member of the Newton Institute.

Ann J Clark, PhD, RN practices Life Between Life Regression in Hoover, Al. Call 205-637-3599 to make an appointment or complete the contact form.