What is a Complementary Health Practitioner?

I had a wonderful career in academia and research, but retired early to try my hand at the kind of practice my years in health care made me long to try. The result is my concept of a complementary health practitioner.

While some believe that holistic care is different from and separate from traditional or allopathic care, I believe it is the integration of the best care from both worlds. Thus, in my practice, I combine traditional and complementary health care in a relaxing, caring environment.

Important principles in this care are:

  1. considering health to be optimal well-being in mind, body and spirit,
  2. helping patients find and understand root causes of health challenges,
  3. teaching patients how to achieve optimal health and aging,
  4. utilizing traditional and,
  5. complementary strategies to assist patients to achieve optimal wellness.

I consider my patients to be partners and an important goal is to provide information to empower them to make their own decisions.


The types of patients that I see in my practice include the following:

  • Persons with no acute or chronic illness, who do not feel as well as they would like to feel.
  • Persons having difficulty adjusting to a chronic illness of disability.
  • Persons struggling to make recommended changes in their lifestyle to maintain or regain health.
  • Persons who are overstressed and/or fatigued.
  • Persons recovering from illness, injury or surgery.
  • Persons undergoing a challenging treatment for an illness.
  • Persons who want to stay healthy, now and in the future, including healthy aging.
  • Persons who want to learn more about themselves and increase their well-being

I begin care with a thorough health assessment, paying particular attention to the patient’s perspective and what they wish to achieve. I then use this information, working with the patient, to develop a plan of care. Together, we develop a set of actions to improve health. I then provide patient teaching and counseling related to the plan of care. Additional services I provide, that may be included in the plan of care, are advanced energy work, hypnotherapy and regression therapy. I will also make referrals when indicated.

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