Past Life Regression

Experiencing a past life has many benefits.  You can gain a deeper understanding of your current life, patterns of behavior and relationships. You can release sabotaging blocks or traumas.  You can find the origin of physical problems and unsettling emotions. Past Life Regression (PLR) is based on reincarnation, the idea that we have lived before in different bodies, times  and places  There is strong evidence that PLR is effective in helping people solve problems in their current lives..




























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Life between Lives

A Life between Lives (LBL) session enables you to visit your soul home, the place you return to after each life lived on earth.  In a soul state, you meet your spiritual guide, your soul family and may reunite with departed loved ones. You have an opportunity to ask questions and benefit from the advice of wise beings.  You can discover plans for your current life, made by you before you were born.  LBL is a profound, life-changing experience. You must complete a PLR before scheduling an LBL.

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