Can anyone be hypnotized?

Hypnosis consists of a relaxed inner focus and almost everyone can be hypnotized.  Exceptions are those who are mentally challenged,  or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Also, persons who are exceptionally fearful or highly skeptical may have difficulty relaxing sufficiently to enter a hypnotic trance.  If you have difficulty, I can work with you to prepare you for hypnosis.

Is it necessary to have a Past Life Regression before scheduling a Life between Lives (LBL) session?

Yes, you must do a Past Life Regression (PLR) before having a Life between Lives session.  The PLR allows you to become familiar with remembering the past in a trance state and allows me to learn about how you react to hypnosis and respond to questioning in trance.  This will prepare you for the deeper trance state required for the LBL, enable me to customize your session and make your experience much richer.

What is the cost of these services?

  • Past Life Regression (PLR) A PLR takes two to three hours.  Before I schedule your session, I will schedule a 1/2 hour complimentary introductory appointment online so that I can meet you, check our audio/video connection, give you instructions, and answer any of your questions The PLR begins with relaxation and trance induction.  You may direct your session to an issue or problem you are facing or just seek whatever past life experience would be most helpful to you.   I will record the session for you.  The cost is $300.00.
  • Life between Lives Session (LBL)   An LBL takes four to five hours.  You must enter a deeper trance state for the LBL than for a PLR, so there is a longer induction period.  You may ask up to 25 questions that you would like answered during your session.  I will also need to become familiar with significant people in your life, should we encounter any of them during the session.  I will guide you through a past life and from the death in that life, you will enter the afterlife.  In a soul state, you will be able to explore the spiritual realm and interact with your guides and wise beings. You may be able to make contact with a loved one who has made their transition.  I will record the session for you.  The cost is $450.00.
  • You may schedule an online session to discuss any questions that may arise or any new insights you gain after your session.

  • All sessions are conducted online via Zoom.

You will receive a Pay Pal invoice after you have received your service for payment.