Past Life Regression

A past life session takes up to three hours.  You may want to direct your session to better understand a recurrent issue or a block that you are facing in your current life.   Or you may just want to revisit a past life that will be useful to you.  You will be guided to relax and gently enter a light trance state. From there, you will be guided to one of your past lives and asked questions about that life to obtain information that will be useful to you. Each past life you re-visit will be unique.  Some are pleasant, others inspiring, challenging, or ordinary. But whatever your session is like, you can be assured that you will get exactly what you need.  I will record the session for you.

Life between Lives

After you have completed a past life regression, you can schedule a Life between Lives session.  This session takes up to five hours and is a profound life-changing experience.  To prepare for this session, you make a list of up to 25 questions you would like answered and identify the individuals who have had a major influence on your life.  You will again be guided to relax and to enter a deeper trance state.  You will enter the Afterlife in a soul state after revisiting your death in a past life.  There you will meet your guide, explore the spiritual realm, encounter wise beings, and receive answers to your questions.  I will record the session for you.

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